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 Nurse Health Coaching

Nurse Health Coaching is an integrative, holistic, whole body healing modality.

A nurse health coach is a Registered Nurse who has the knowledge of the disease processes of the body and who has studied the components and principles of wellness and well being. A nurse health coach builds a coaching practice on respecting and honoring all aspects of the whole person—their beliefs, feelings, thoughts and values—as well as what each person innately knows is right for them.

Nurse Health Coaching is a whole person approach to supporting individuals in changes of behaviors that are necessary to create sustainable shifts from unhealthy or self-destructive behaviors.
Nurse Health Coaching focuses on creating an environment that invites a client through reflective mindfulness to achieve a shift in his /her perspectives, which is critical for sustainable change.

By creating an environment in which we are in a state of being fully engaged and wholly present with someone we create PURE PRESENCE –a sacred safe place during which the person feels heard, valued and respected. WE HOLD THE SPACE.

Nurse Health coaching has similarities to other types of intervention practices.
A few distinguishing components of Nurse Health coaching vs other disciplines, like therapy and consulting are:

  • The sessions are client initiated,
  • The goal is change and growth for the client
  • The agenda is set in partnership with the coach
  • The perspective is the whole persons’ health and the outcomes are specific.