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Facilitating Change

As a Nurse Health Coach and educator I have a deep appreciation and profound respect for the potential of the union of knowledge and compassion to bring about change.

The expression that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER has long rang true for me and is heartfelt. Knowledge can rewrite our beliefs and perceptions of our world, which in turn can allow us to shift our perceptions and behaviors.

Compassion enables us to live more meaningful lives and achieve fulfilling connections and relationships.

A critical component missing in our health care delivery system is the ENGAGEMENT of the whole person in a self-directed healing process and providing them with knowledge and skills they need to support themselves in achieving lifelong good health and well-being.

A key factor of connection and relationship is remembering we all want to be VALUED. We all want to be seen, heard, and valued for who we are. We want to be in relationships with those who validate our worth.

As a Nurse Health Coach I respect and honor all aspects of the whole person-their beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and values-as well as what each person innately knows is right for them.

No one heals or fixes anyone else…

Only we heal ourselves….

Others can only facilitate this healing…

Please join me in these introductory workshops to find the way to your wellness, well-being, joy, peace and balance.