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Sandra Overby-Cooper has worked as a professional registered nurse for over 30 years throughout Pierce County communities. Starting and spending most of career in the Emergency Department setting.
She has advanced her education over the years and has her bachelors and master’s degrees in nursing.
In the last few years her passion for nursing has continued and blossomed even more with a focus on the ongoing growth and sustainability of the professionalism of nursing. She also works toward the improvement of health for patients and our communities in general. She embraces a WHOLE BODY, holistic view of care.
Her passion for promoting and supporting wellness and wellbeing is evident in her becoming a Board Certified Nurse Health Coach.
In achieving this certification, Sandra looks forward to being a beacon of light guiding and supporting those who want to pursue changes and improvements in their lives and to their health.
She approaches this work holistically, inclusive of one’s mind, body, and soul.
When working with other RN colleagues her hopes are to help them revisit and re-establish the ART of HEALING component to the nursing profession. Bringing this back to ‘the bedside’ to our patients and their families, so pure presence and better healing can begin and continue for them.
Sandra believes in order to give good patient care; GOOD SELF CARE is required.
She advocates nurses to explore daily reflective/mindful practices supporting them in attaining peace and balance in their lives, to further supporting them in providing non judging, respectful, and safe, holistic patient care.
When working with a client, Sandra practices PURE PRESENCE, with them listening, valuing, and respecting all that they are. Holding their space as they courageously journey towards their healing and wellness.
She embraces the belief in a PURE PRESENCE approach to being with others.
She gives validation, respect, and LISTENING to each person entrusted to her.

Sandra is a mom to four grown sons and grandmom to three beautiful granddaughters. She enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. She also enjoys hiking and walking in the mountains and along the shores of beaches. All of which she does as much as possible to refuel her soul.